Sunday, September 28, 2008

What I used to do, I do again.

I've recently started working for . I'm doing reviews and interviews for the site. I'm actually finishing up my first interview for them now. It's with Drew Edwards, the creator of Halloween Man, and artist David Baldeon.

As absolutely no one will know, I used to do the same thing for the now defunct site, I also wrote a somewhat weekly column for the site, State of a Comic Nation. The Nation was just me rambling on about various topics like lateness, swipe files, fill-in artist, Christmas dinner.

Odd bit of coincidence-- used to be

It's been fun getting back to this kind of writing, though I do feel like it might take a bit before I'm up to speed again. Right now, I feel like I'm writing a bit stiff. Hopefully, that'll work itself out after another review or two.

I'll post a link of the interview when it goes live, until then go read some Halloween Man.

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